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We are providing professional services for 24 years in Plastic Surgery, Eye Surgery, Medical Esthetic, Hair Transplant


Year Experience

year experience
We are providing professional services for 24 years in Plastic Surgery, Eye Surgery, Medical Esthetic, Hair Transplant


We are new generation clinic with international patients servicing priority. Our clinic based on medical faculty, where modern medical researches are conducted and meets JCİ standarts. This allows us to apply modern treatments like stem cell therapy in complicated neurologic or ophtalmologic patients.

We are performing high-qualified treatment of oncological patients in our Oncology department under management of oncology Professor Erkan Doğan. Here we apply treatments like immunotherapy and targeted therapy according to updated US and Europe oncology guidelines. We have chemoterapy unites equipped with automatic no-touch chemotherapy drugs preparation system. To provide easy access for our patients, we have chemoterapy unites both on European and Asian sides of İstanbul.


Our Services

Combined and complicated plastic and reconstructive surgeries are performed at MEIS Clinic Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant department. All kinds of plastic surgeries are carried out by our experienced surgeons. 1500 international patients per year are getting treatment at our clinic. We perform hair transplant under supervision of a plastic surgeon using non-traumatize sapphire needles.

More than 100 000 successful hair transplant operation was performed in our clinic in 24 years. 
Our Eye Surgery Department is functioning on the basis of Eye Surgery Faculty under management of Professor Ömer Faruk Yılmaz. 13 professors and associate professors are working here. Combined surgeries, vitreoretinal surgery, refractional surgery, cornea transplantations, most qualified trifocal lenses and cataract operations, strabismus surgery, all kinds of laser surgeries are performed in our clinic. We have Eye Surgery departments both on European and Asian sides of İstanbul.

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)


Breast Augmentation


Tummy Tuck




Hair Transplantation




Eyelid Surgery




Buttock Lift


Obesity Surgery

“ I have decided to have BBL surgery in MEIS Clinic by the reference from my friend. From the very first moment İ came to İstanbul and till my treatment is over a motivating team of clinic assisted me. On 6th month after operation I feel fine, thank you so much!”

“I found the MEIS Clinic after long research. I was unsure about the operation as I was scared of surgery. They comforted me, explained all the details of the operation and I made my decision. Finally I made it and now I have perfect breasts thanks to MEIS Clinic. Girls, don’t be afraid, there are no pain after this operation, just go and get the body you always wanted! Thanks.”

“First of all I would like to express my gratefulness to MEIS Clinic. I had sagged stomach which I hated for years. Now it is in the past and I feel like I was reborn, thanks for everything.”

“I have suffered from my deviated nose for years. Based on a friend recommendation, I decided to go to MEIS Clinic. and when I met the team, I realized I made a right decision. I’m happy now to discover the beauty of my face. And I recommend it to everyone”

“From the first day I felt the same attention and willingness to help. Last year my elder brother made a hair transplantation at MEIS Clinic and since he has got good results I bought my ticket and came to İstanbul.”

“I am quite satisfied with the process. I am very grateful to my doctor Ms Zumreta. When I looked at myself in the mirror after the surgery, I fully realized that I had made the right decision.”

“I would like to send my love and respect to my Eye Surgeon Mr Muharrem. He and his team showed best intentions during all my treatment. Thank you for helping me to get the look I always wanted.”

“Best thing İ’ve ever done to myself is to get Liposuction treatment in MEIS Clinic. They responded to my every question online and helped me all the way during treatment. Thanks to Meis team.”

“I am very happy to get that attractive look I’ve always wanted. I am thankful to MEIS team and my Doctor for turning the difficult process to much more easy one and keeping me positive.”

“It was very difficult process for me, I don’t even want to recall it but it worth it, my body and whole my life changed forever. I am thankful to everyone who was on my operation.”


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